My sister and THE COOKING

Well, she decided to start with something simple…so, even though I’m sure she is not going to make this anytime soon (because she needs a food processor or a blender which she doesn’t have…for no other reason really) I ate some in front of her (talking for hour on Skype makes me hungry) which bring yet again a new recipe on this blog…

Dear Ik, first of all you need to buy these:

1/2 kg chicken liver (1 lb)
a bottle of Chardonnay (that’s what I used but you can go crazy and buy whatever wine you like…I think red wine will do too) you will only use 1/2 glass of wine, you’ll figure what to do with the rest of it
butter- see the picture for quantities
garlic- idem
milk- 1/2 glass
dried basil
(glass=250 ml)

Now let the fun part begin, be careful not to burn yourself or the kitchen!:P

1. Butter and garlic go together in a sauce pan and let the garlic fry just a little bit in the butter (on low heat)
2. Wash the chicken liver (kinda of gross) and put in the pan with the rest of the ingredients
3. Add salt&pepper&basil and 100 ml water
4. Wait until it looks like pic 2  and add the milk and half of the wine- 1/4 glass of wine (now the milk will coagulate…the final product was still be yummy) and let it simmer for 4 minutes
5. Put the liver in the food processor/blender with half of the liquid from the pan and puree everything
6. Add the rest of the wine and another piece of butter (like half of the index finger :D) and process everything in a smooth paste …I like it chunky as you can see 😀

Easy, right?
Keeping my fingers crossed for you :)))


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