How it’s made: SUSHI!

And I am talking about the Japanese sushi not the Romanian version! 

L.E: I was so excited that I actually made sushi (new toy, everybody knows the feeling) that I didn’t even bother to explain what’s with the Romanian sushi and maybe explain how to make Japanese sushi.

So, first of all this is the Romanian type of sushi:

Even though it’s quite self-explanatory, for those of you still asking “WTF is that?” what we have here, dear all, it’s: pork grease on a slice of whole wheat bread tied with a leaf of green onion! Ooh yeah!

Now for the Japanese sushi, I recommend finding some Japanese friends willing to teach you the drill, it’s much more fun that way!I know it looks intimidating but if you’re into sushi you’ll do just fine. I guess I won’t say how it’s made after all, I’ll let the photos speak instead (the only ingredient you can’t see there is a special sweet vinegar that was mixed with the, still very hot, rice).


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