Whine over wine

Is that time of the year…when everybody is looking for recipes and ideas to please their loved ones!
And if this humble blog got over 50 visits in one week for one recipe that I posted 2 year ago, everybody most be in a cooking rampage these days!

All that food needs to be “wined” down, right?

 I am a very thirsty person so, I give you last week’s collection:

BIG DISAPPOINTING (maybe I got the defect bottle… it was bad!) 
IMPRESSIVE (for the price 3.99$- bought it for cooking, and by the time I was cooking there was no more wine left!)
Cheap, ok for the price (around 8-9$)- the nose is very promising but it tastes a little sour , and the flavors have almost no intensity (bought it for the label :D)

VERY GOOD BUY for the money, 13-15$ (Robert Mondavi Chardonnay is also a  very good wine- apricots, peaches, fresh, crisp, natural sweetness) V
YES, YES, YES, 10-12$ (and they have a beautiful business philosophy- sustainable development, care for the environment and for the people they work with- if it’s a lie, it is a beautiful one!)
Before working in the wine industry I believed, as many people do, that the best wine I can get is the one that costs a lot (what I consider “a lot” is around 20$- for the Romanian market, but I think it applies to the US market as well). That being said, I used to buy wine only for certain occasions and never try the cheaper wines because I thought it would only be a waste of time and money. That is not entirely false but is not entirely true, either! I had many unexpected pleasant surprises but I was also many times extremely disappointed with the wines I got! 
Now I try more of the cheaper wines, and “do my homework” before venturing for a more expensive wine. The best way to make sure you won’t go wrong with wines is to use one of the zillion apps available for smartphones (some even recommend food pairing, which is like owning a pocket sommelier)… and neglect the voice that tells you to go for the pretty/interesting label, which I still do sometimes. 
 So peeps, let’s cook less and drink more good wines!
                                                          Happy New Year!

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