Biscuiti, vitezii mei?!

Biscuim doar cu dulceata de zmeura, Maria Ta!

Eu am facut “varianta moi”, puteti incerca si “varianta lor” dar are mai mult unt (contraindicat to my butt). Practic trebuiesc amestecate toate ingredientele (din caiet citire) pana se formeaza bila (ca-n poza), pe care o lasam la frigider o ora. Apoi facem “guguluoie” in care ne infigem frumusel degetelul aratator sa facem gropite pentry dulceata de care vrem noi…la cuptor, foc mediu, pana se rumenesc.
Bun, bun, bun, promit.

Basically, you must mix all the ingredients together (see note for ingredients) and let the dough (see photo) rest for an hour in the fridge (covered with plastic foil/ aluminium foil). Make small balls, use the index finger to create the holes for the preserve…whatever kind you like. Bake until golden at 375F.
Joy, joy, enjoy.


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