Double Cheeseburger in a pan


1 pound 85 % fat ground meat (I had 95% and added some sunflower oil)

pink salt&pepper

2 slices of cheese

slices of red onion

slices of tomatoe

4 kalamata olives

the holy trinity: mayo, ketchup & mustard

2 bread buns


start oven at 350F, cut the buns in half, place them on a cookies sheet and then into oven

check them at short interval of time, you don’t want them to burn

when  ready take them out of the oven and cover the button half with one of the cheese slices (that way it will melt nicely)

turn off the oven and put the buns back in to keep them warm


while the buns are getting nice and crisp into the oven prepare the meat…

place it a bowl, spice it and mix it well (if you like your burgers juicy, now is the time to add a tbs of olive oil into the meat mixture)

make 2 patties (or more if you want smaller burgers)

heat the pan and start cooking the patties on medium heat


turn them on both sides

when ready put the second cheese slice on top of them

take the buns out of the oven


now let’s hear it for the holy trinity…man, I love them!


Put the cooked burger over the cheese on the button half of the bun

put some tomatoes in there

get nasty with your ketchup, mustard and mayo (a.ka KMM)

put the onion rings over the KMM

cut the olives in 4 and put them over the onion rings


P.S. Not for those with a weak heart or tortured with the guilt complex… And yes, it was made in a frying pan!

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