Spicy Schnitzel Salad


Yesterday I made way too many schnitzels and since I need to find as many ways to use them all,
get ready for the “schnitzel series”. 😀

Now the best way to have a schnitzel, in my opinion, is in a salad, hence…

1 piece of schnitzel

salad leaves

few slices of red onion

few leaves of green onion (optional)

1 tomato

1 tbs goat cheese (can use as much as you want)

pink salt & pepper

chili flakes (optional)

(I  love chili flakes! I think I use them as often as I use salt in cooking. :D)

1 – 2 tbs olive oil

1 tbs balsamic vinegar

It’s just that simple and super healthy (well, the schnitzel is fried so… just healthy)!

Next “How to: Make Schnitzels with a twist”.


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