How to: delicious mussels


How to: delicious mussels


Did you say mussels?! I love, love, love them! Weird enough, last summer was the first time I seriously agreed to try them and I couldn’t stop! I must confess, my addiction was half caused by the rose sparkling wine we choose as appetizer. The best mussels I ever ate are served at Maccheroni, quite cheap too. I tried to steal the recipe and I think I am close enough after various attempts.

First of all the mussels need to be washed…and washed again and again! I washed these only 2 times and I still tasted a little bit of sand once or twice. So you really need to make an effort and wash them well. It’s disgusting otherwise! Also remove all the weird dry stuff you might find hanging from them.
Make sure you remove the ones already open ’cause they’re dead!

Chop 5-6 garlic cloves and place them in a heated (large enough) pan, together with some butter and some olive oil. Let them stay for no more then 2 minutes, not long enough to get golden because it gets bitter. Add a chopped onion (not too thin) let shimmer a little bit and then add the mussels.
Put a lid over the pan and mix from time to time to allow all mussels to open. After about 5 minutes, add 2 glasses of Chardonnay, salt&pepper, chopped parsley, basil and some hot pepper flacks (optional, I really like spicy food). Let it shimmer for 5-10 more minutes, until all mussels are open (if you have some stubborn ones not opening, those are dead you need to throw them away). I think they would go well with a Pinot Grigio, if you’re not into Chardonnay or you can try any other white wine and see if you like it.

Serve in a large bowl with rice or paste or simple pide with rosemary.
Don’t forget the rose sparkling wine… must be dry!




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