Spicy Cheese Crackers

Of course they had to be so damn easy to make…!

You need:

2 eggs

2  1/2 cups flour

1 cup butter cold shredded 

1 cup of monterey cheese shredded

(can use any kind cheese you like)

1 tbs of hot olive oil

( lots of chili peppers in some olive oil)

a pinch of salt 

an extra batten egg to toss over them

sesame or poppy seeds, or both, or neither



Make a dough  combining the flour with the cheese and the butter, then add the salt and the olive oil

(add some hot paprika if you want them extra spicy, or some Tabasco sauce).


If you feel like the dough is too sticky and needs more flour, go for it.

The final consistency of yhr dough should be that of a soft play-dough.

Let it rest in the fridge wrapped in plastic foil, or in a plastic bag, for about an hour.


Then divide it in 2 smaller balls and roll them into the thickness you prefer.

Mine were around 1/2 cm.

Spread the egg (after whisking it) on the rolled dough and shape the crackers as artsy as you feel like.


If you have any sesame or poppy seeds sprinkle generously over them before introducing them into the oven.

Bake until gold at 350F.



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