Steak Topped with Mushroom and Onion Sauté







3 – 4 tbs olive oil

1/2 tbs basil

1/2 tbs oregano

chili flakes

pink salt & pepper

1 rib eye steak

1 yellow onion

1/2 parsley flakes

5 brown champignon mushrooms

4 white champignon mushrooms




Olive oil, that’s how most cooking stories begin (or butter if’ you’re really naughty).

The herbs on the bottom of that gravy boat are: basil, oregano, chili flakes, pink salt and a combination of peppers.




And the story continues  with a line from the leading character: the rib eye steak.

As you can see, the steak and olive became really good friends and stayed together in the fridge (covered with plastic foil) for about 3 hours.




Meanwhile, 5 brown champignons with 4 white champignons dressed up in slices were chatting with a yellow onion in Julienne.




Suddenly the mushrooms and onion heard 2 tbs of butter sizzling in a frying pan.

The temptation was too great for the onion.




The lazy mushrooms reached the pan after 3 -4 minutes of wandering around.

To their great pleasure some pink salt and pepper kept them company and then some parsley flakes.




Remember the rib eye steak?

After breaking off the engagement with the olive oil, took all the spices and went for a vacation on a hot pan.

5 – 6 minutes on each side.

After that it was covered in aluminium foil and left in it for another couple of minutes to get really juicy and tender.




The story ends with a very happy boy.





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