Irish Style Bread Part II




I made this Irish bread again today.

The first time I made it I was out of baking soda so I used baking powder instead.

I was very curious to see if there will be any difference between the two (besides the characteristic smell of baking soda).

As far as taste, the two bread were kinda of the same, with the difference that the one I made today had a slight hint of baking ammonia smell, that was gone when the bread was completely cooled.

Now, the big difference was in the texture, in that the one from today was a lot fluffier that the previous one (but this might also be due to the fact that this time I only used white whole wheat flour).

That being said, I encourage you to try either one of the two way of making this bread (with baking soda or with baking powder). There is nothing as wonderful and festive as the smell of freshly baked bread!






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