Egg Noodles my way



Holidays are over!! Happy New Year!! 


Back to cooking, I say! and don’t get me wrong I have been cooking some these days, but there was no time, and I wasn’t really in the mood, for taking pictures.




First of all, I did not have noodles on my Christmas menu, although you have garlic and sun dried tomatoes…what else could anyone ask for?


You  need for one person:

1 roll of noodles

(boiled in chicken soup)

2 tbs sun dried tomatoes

2 – 3 crushed garlic cloves

1/3 tbs dried lemon basil

pink salt & mixed peppers

1 tbs olive oil


Mix them all together and smile!


Starting tomorrow I go back to healthy & less calories food! (in 2014 I’ll be a wishful thinker)



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