Chocolate Crèpes from Scratch




Bored of the same ol’ crèpes? I am not really but I just got this idea of adding some cocoa in the batter and see what happens…

D E L I C I O U S ! of course






3 eggs

2 tbs sour cream

2 tbs cocoa

1 tbs brown sugar

a pinch of salt

1 1/2 cup milk

2 tbs melted butter

1 cup APF sifted

1/2 tbs vanilla extract

1/2 rum emulsion (optional)


Crack the eggs in a large bowl and whisk them well.

Add the sugar, salt, vanilla extract and rum. Mix well.

Add the sour cream and whisk it together with the eggs.

Add the milk and then the cocoa and mix everything together.

Start adding the flour in small quantities and keeps whisking everything

 to avoid getting lumps in the batter.

The final consistency of the batter should be that of a thick creme soup.

When you’re done adding the flour, add the melted butter and let it rest for a few minutes in the refrigerator.




Heat a frying pan on medium high heat and add coat it with a little butter.

Scoop a ladle of batter and add it in the middle of the frying pan.

Grab the handle of the pan and move the batter around the pan in circular movements making sure to cover as much of the pan surface as possible.

Let the crèpe cook for 1 minute and flip on the the side.




Cook for one minute and remove on a flat plate.

Cover them with a clean towel to keep them warm while you finish cooking the rest of the batter.




I served them with:

1. chocolate syrup (few pieces of chocolate melted together with some butter and milk) and banana.




2. raspberry preserve and sour cream or greek yogurt







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