Meat & Cheese Omlette Sandwich



I am not a morning person… meaning I HATE waking up earlier than 8.30 – 9 a.m. and to be honest I usually don’t need to.

Now when I do need to get up extremely early in the morning I usually can not eat… it would be the last thing that would come to my mind at 7 a.m.!

Still after 2 hours or so I could eat a whole pizza and it’s not that simple to just get one, so I just make sure I have a sandwich that I can grab immediately.


A very light sandwich as you can see πŸ˜€






2 eggs beated lightly

1/2 cup shredded cheese

1 scallion chopped

3 tbs ground beef

pink salt & pepper

1/3 tbs basil

1 tbs olive oil


Heat frying pan, add the olive oil and the meat.

Cook the meal until well done.

Season the eggs and beat them lightly.

Add the beaten eggs over the meat and the chopped scallion.

Place a lid oven the pan and let the omlette cook for 4 minutes (until the egg is coagulated).

Spread the cheese on one half of the omlette.

Lift the over half of the omlette and place it over the cheese and bring the two ends up (trying to give the omlette a square shape).

Place on a buttered toast and cover with a second slice of buttered toast.






There you go, your very own: meat&cheese omlette sandwich or the fried asparagus omlette sandwich.



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