A Sunday kind of Stir-Fry




I badly needed to use some of the veggies I tend to “hoard” in the fridge and what better way to do that then a simple and fast stir-fry.



1 chicken breast

1 purple potato

1/2 cup broccoli

1 small summer squash

2 large shiitake mushrooms

1/2 cup oyster mushrooms

1 scallion

2 garlic cloves crushed

1 tbs freshly grated ginger

black sesame seeds

3  tbs grapeseed oil

pink salt & pepper


Cut the chicken breast in small cubes, heat a wok or a thick frying pan (if you don’t have a gas stove…and wish for one), add 2 tbs grapeseed oil and the chicken and fry it on medium-high.

Peel the potatoe and cut it in really thin slices, cut the squash and the mushrooms in small pieces.

When the chicken is white on all sides, add the veggies to the pan and drizzle a little bit more oil.

Add the crushed garlic, ginger, salt and pepper and shake well to prevent sticking.

Cook it for about 5- 10 minutes (depends on what kind of pan you’re using) and serve it garnished with black sesame seeds and freshly cut scallion.







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