Romanian Drob

Kinda like a meat loaf but not quite so… to be honest, this might seem a little weird, some of my friends even said it tastes like dough…

Since chicken liver is not a very popular thing to eat in US, and this recipe is made with mostly just that I guess I’ll just tag it #weirdstuffthatRomanianseatforEaster.

I’m not even going to say how is the original recipe made… 😀



about 2 pounds of chicken liver

7 eggs

10 boiled quail eggs

2 cups of chopped italian parsley

2 cups of chopped dill

2 cups of chopped scallions

1 cup of chopped chives

pink salt & pepper


Boil the chicken liver and then cut it in very small pieces (can also use a food processor).

Mix the chicken liver with the chopped greens and season to taste.

Add the to mixture the raw eggs and mix well.

Cover all sides of an oven pan with some oil, place half of the mixture in the pan, add the quail eggs (noo shell!) and cover with the rest of the mixture.


Crack the last 2 eggs and beat them lightly.

Cover the chicken liver mixture with the beaten eggs and bake everything at 375F until the egg is fully cooked (golden brown).




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