All Inclusive Frittata


What a glorious morning! 😀

I make my first ever frittata and it was delicious.

I declare the last failed attempt to make quiche revenged.








  • prep: 10 min
  • cook: 15 min
  • servings: 4


4 eggs

5 asparagus spears

2 cups fresh spinach

1/4 broccoli head 

2 bacon strips cut into small pieces

chili flakes

pink salt& fresh ground pepper

1/4 tomato peeled and cut into thin slices

3 big brown champignon mushrooms cut into thin slices

1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

1/2 tbsp dried basil

1/4 cup sharp cheddar & kerrygold dubliner cut into small pieces 




I like bacon, but it just makes me feel a little guilty so I only have it once in a blue moon.

Still, I discovered that it’s much better to roast it in the oven than to fry it in  a pan (much less messy + bacon gets roasted evenly, no parts burned while other still need to be cook).

Hence I roasted the bacon for about 10 minutes at 400 F. When ready, remove from oven and cut into small pieces.

Preheat oven on broil.

While I was waiting for the bacon to be roasted, I cut all the veggies in bite-size/ thin slices.

Then I heated an iron cast pan, add 1 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil and the veggies (except for spinach and tomato slices).

Cook the veggies for 2 minutes on medium-low and then add the spinach and mix until the spinach is soft.





Crack the eggs, add 2 tbsp water/ milk, season them with pink salt& fresh ground pepper, basil and chili flakes and beat them lightly.

Mix the cheese into the egg mixture and pour everything on the veggies (make sure the eggs cover the veggies evenly).

Place the pieces of tomato on top on the fritata.

Cut the bacon in small pieces and place on top of the fritata also.

Cook the fritata on medium- low heat for about 4-5 minutes (until the egg around the edges is cooked).

Place into the oven and broil for another 4-5 minutes (until it reaches a light golden-brown color).

Serve warm with tomatoes and pickles salad.







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