Coffee Junkie & my faves in downtown Birmingham, AL



A couple of years ago I couldn’t even stand the smell of coffee, now the first thing I look for when we take road trips is coffeeeee houses. I’m becoming a coffe junkie, I was told.


hipster coffee



If you ever go to Birmingham, Alabama, of all places in this world, know that you can find a hipster coffee house and some nice places to eat in downtown.


DSC_1517 copy


Still, my favorite place in downtown is this awesome antique store (mostly books and music) run by the most interesting man in the world and his wife.


DSC_1585 copy


His name is Jim Reed. He said that he had the business for 30 years now and that he is still selling a lot of books every week. I asked if he had many students coming to buy books. He said some, most are just looking for novels. I felt like there is still hope in the world, Pandora (not the radio) hasn’t died yet.

Look at all the books! I would love to work in an antique book store or at least own a house with walls made of books.


DSC_1589 copy





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