Romanian Biscuit Salami * Salam de Biscuiti


What’s up, guys?! I’ve been baking a lot lately, but due mostly to the fact that baking goes pretty well with drinking… well, let’s say I don’t have any proof of either baking or drinking! Since I will be traveling for the whole summer, I’m trying to use up as much of my pantry as possible. Last year I left an unopened box of cereal in the cabinet and two months later it was moths madness in my kitchen. It took me two months of constantly cleaning the cabinets until I was completely moth free! I am not risking anything this year, everything most go in the next 8 days! So if you’re not from Romania, you most probably don’t know what is a “biscuit salami”… I think I might have seen something similar in a European/ Russian/ Polish store but I don’t know if it’s the same thing because I never bought one. Now trust me, this is really delicious and super easy to make! And will help you get rid of any type of leftover biscuit you might have… Which was why i made it and why I don’t have a very precise recipe for it. Still, being as easy as it is to make and also being the type of “recipe” that can be adjusted to your own taste don’t be afraid to try any combination of ingredients you might like (as long as you use biscuits!…. and butter! :D).




biscuit salami





I used 1/3 pack of Goya biscuits I had left from making some mini-cheesecake, about 4 chocolate covered biscuits, 6 caramel/almond covered biscuits and some 7 ladyfingers cookies… in total I had about 2 cups and a half of biscuit/cookie crumbs. 

2 tbsp melted butter

50 g coffee infused milk chocolate (use any type of chocolate you like)

20 gr dark chocolate

1/2 cup whole milk (I used 1/2 water and about 4 tbsp milk powder)

1/2 bag of yogurt covered peanuts

20 gr of toffee crunch chocolate

vanila and rum extract

1/3 cup of coconut



Break the biscuits in small pieces (do not bring them to the consistency of flour though!).

Put all the ingredients in a small sauce pan (except the biscuits) and place them on the stove on low heat. Mix until all the chocolate is melted.

Mix the melted chocolate with the biscuits crumbs in a large bowl…use your hands to really incorporate the chocolate and butter into the biscuits crumbs.

Remove the mixture from the bowl and try to give it a salami shape. Place it on a plastic foil and wrap it really well.

Refrigerate the biscuit salami over night and enjoy for breakfast!







Fraților, noi ăștia din țara lui Țepeș Vodă (sau Mihai Viteazu dacă e să fie întregită…se face salam de biscuiți în Moldova lui Ștefan?!) știm sigur sigur cum e cu salamul de biscuiți… acest desert al săracilor la origine, cel mai probabil. Mama îl înțesa cu rahat, dacă îmi amintesc bine și mai punea și stafide fierte în apă cu rom… Pe blogurile culinare contemporane rețeta e șmecherită cu prosecco și tot felul de alte perversiuni. Eu am încercat să scap de cât mai multe dulciuri pe care le aveam adunate prin dulapuri și îmi propusesem să îi stropesc cu ceva vin roșu, dar am uitat. A ieșit mai bun decât mi-l aminteam eu, probabil și pentru că nu am mai mâncat salam de biscuiți de foarte multă vreme.

Rețeta, cred că e fără rost să o mai traduc, toată lumea știe cum se face un salam de biscuiți!  Hai noroc! 🙂



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