Cooking Analytics

pasta tanks


Two years spent doing “analytics” stuff. Time really does fly! It wasn’t a smooth flight, don’t get me wrong, I had to deal with a fair share of “air pockets”. The thing is I ACTUALLY GRADUATED in May. So, I am Business Analyst now, with a framed diploma and all. After graduation, I went against all my friends’ advises and spent the summer in Europe. Apparently I should have entered a even deeper “all hustle”  mode, but all I wanted was some “leisuring” time. Anyways, in August I resumed my peaceful and quiet American life. People ask me now: “Aren’t you so excited to have graduated?”. I am but, I am also missing being a student! I wasn’t ready for this! Being a responsible adult and applying for jobs and all that interviews bullshit  wonderful experience can be pretty-pretty-pretty stressful… Which means I am watching a lot of youtube, because I obviously need a lot of tutorials in my life right now!

So there you have it, dear #fooddiary/blog/ #ramblingspace! The cook hasn’t been cooking much in the past 2 years, we just rented a table in our favorite Asian restaurant.  I obviously didn’t have time to think about what I wanted to eat. Now that I am not a grad student anymore, I have no excuse to eat noodles everyday so I might start posting  again. Besides, my sister is consciously blossoming into a responsible adult and I need to be there for her with #inthekitchen tips. Someday she will actually know what is the name of my cooking blog. So help me God!

P.S. The photo is from last December @Guggenheim Museum in New York. Those are tanks made of food, somehow it seemed appropriate…




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