Stuffed Peppers

Hello, hello! I am actually doing this! Look at me, I am posting a recipe!

Also, I am trying to learn to take decent pictures and to write decent looking recipes… I also need some decent intros to my posts (mental note).

Ok, so today we are cooking stuffed peppers. Why? Because I haven’t had one of these in I cannot count how many years and it used to be one of my favorite dishes when I was a kid.

I could even say that stuffed peppers have a very emotional significance to me. My sister, my cousin and I used to spend summer holidays with our grandparents in a small village in Romania. We had a lot of fun running around, fishing, playing soccer, climbing, jumping, eating tomatoes directly from the vine and fruits from the trees… and not doing our vacation homework. But we also quarreled a lot and sometimes even fought. This particular fight started between my sister and I, for whatever stupid reason… We were having a nice meal of stuffed peppers when we started calling each other names and ended up starting a food fight with was on our plates: the stuffed peppers. The funny part was that even though we kept throwing the peppers at each other, the peppers did not break into pieces, they were intact!

The  morale: make sure you keep them in the oven long enough!

For a visual step-by-step description of what happened with these peppers go here:

Untitled design.png





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