Propagating BASIL from cuttings

Do not worry, I’ve done this before which kinda of makes me a pro, right?

I bought the basil plant in the first photo below (it was much-much smaller) from a grocery store in April. I used some of it during that month, but not too much because I really liked the way it looked in the kitchen window. May came and as I was getting ready to travel to Europe I realized I needed to do something with my herbs. So, I planted them in the tinny strip of soil I have in my backyard. To be honest, I didn’t think any of them would survive the hot Alabamian summer. To my surprise when I got back in August the small basil plant had morphed into a basil tree. As all things living must dies, I am expecting my basil to dry down or freeze (crazy as it may seem, temperatures do fall below 0 Celsius). Now with this propagating scheme I might actually manage to stretch those 4 bucks I initially paid for the basil plant to  infinity next spring, when hopefully my herbs will come back again.


A picture speaks a thousand words, eh? A collage speaks like what? 7000 words? Neat!

For those of us old school who still need written instructions:

  1. Need to have a plant from where to harvest the cuttings.
  2. Gather as many basil cuttings from your plant as you wish. A basil cutting is looks like a small basil plant that grows between a basil leaf and the basil stem.
  3. Place the cuttings in a glass of water and leave the glass in a very well sunlit spot.
  4. Buy some indoor potting soil and a pot. Fill the pot with potting soil, make small holes and place the cuttings in them. Press the soil gently around the cuttings to cover the roots.
  5. Water your new plant immediately after transferring to soil. Leave the pot in direct sunlight.
  6. Keep watering the basil every other day, otherwise it will surely die!

Is this useful? I don’t know! But I had fun making the collage!



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