Culinary Epiphany



I used to be PicktheCook, but now I am Culinary Epiphany. If you find it pretentious, you are reading it in a wrong way, it’s more of a “culinary epiphany… (cough)”. More of a: “Remember I made that recipe a while ago, I wonder what ingredients I used and how I did it…” That is probably the most frequent “culinary epiphany” I have, realizing that I completely forgot how I cooked some recipe. There are, of course, some occasional “Wow, I didn’t think this will go so well with that!” or the “I just amazed myself, I did not expect this to come out this well!” Still, most of my #culinaryepiphany reports are every day super easy and super-fast to make recipes. I would define it as the social media era equivalent of my mom’s recipe notebook. Now, while I am going through some trouble to make my feeble culinary attempts public, my mom and her friends were reluctant in sharing their recipe notebooks contents to other women. I don’t know if this was just a peculiarity of theirs or a wide spread trend due to the pressure women put on each other to excel as homemakers (wow, now that was deep, like the ocean).

Not an issue anymore, we have BLOGS and we #cantrelate!



I blog what I eat and eat what I blog.


I eat everything and anything.

Except cilantro, I hate cilantro!


I do not have patience.

I either cook something that is ready in 30 minutes or make something that takes a long time but I can forget about it while is cooking… but I don’t have a slow cooker.


I am an instant gratification kind of person.

I can’t spend too much time taking pictures, I need to stuff my face immediately after I finish cooking something… but I don’t usually taste the food while I cook.


I would probably enjoy baking a lot more if sugar was not so goddamn fattening.

I bake desserts for friends and foes, rarely for myself.


I talk about my mom a lot.

She taught me how to cook and I miss her.



The rant is over. I didn’t have electricity this morning so I needed to occupy my morning tea time with something.


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