Nothing beats a juicy ribeye (or rib eye?) steak! If you don’t believe me ask my husband, ribeye is his favorite vegetable.

According to the internet is the fat content, or the fat marbling, that makes a ribeye steak so juicy and tender. Apparently is also known as the Spencer steak. Thank you, Wikipedia, I will take your word on that.

I used to sear the steak on both sides in a cast iron pan and then blast roast it in the over for a few minutes. My smoke detectors would go off every single time I cooked steak, to the enchantment of my neighbors. Now we have a grill which has brought so much joy and happiness into our lives. No more smoke inside the house, no more fanning the smoke detectors with kitchen towels, no more yelling and cursing before dinner… and the neighbors smile at us now, which I still don’t know how to interpret.

If that hasn’t convinced you to buy a grill yet, you are a lost cause or … you do not have smoke detectors in your house. Sometimes I wish I didn’t!

Enough chit-chat!

Consume responsibly with your favorite side dish!


perfect ribeye steak


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