Or how I wish I make pesto. I remember spending a lot of time during my summer at my grandparents removing different shapes of leaves from stems for what felt like an eternity. After this little basil project here, I know for sure that it was in fact an eternity.

I was forced to cut my basil plant because temperatures in Alabama fell below freezing. Unfortunately I didn’t cut the whole thing (I was in real pain as I was doing the trimming) and now I am left with the sad and saggy image of what used to be my pride and joy. That was my first bad decision.

The basil that I did cut looked like a beautiful full bouquet and smaller divine. What should I do with it? I should dry it! Yeah great idea, Crina! From 4- 5 cups of fresh basil leaves I got 2/3 of a small herb jar. Yeah, I really wish I make some nice pesto instead!

dry basil homemade

BUT if you have a tone (literally) of herbs and don’t know what to do with them, this is how you can dry them.




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