During the past four years I’ve been trying to decide if I want to blog about food or not. Back then I didn’t think it was glamorous enough, and as I was just starting to cook I kept asking myself: “Do I really have anything to show?” The answer in my head was “probably not!” So I didn’t, even though I did… yes, I know, women… What I mean is that I couldn’t help myself and posted some recipes (not more than 5 per year) that I considered worthy. Some of them I might export here, or just remake them and create completely new posts (yeah, stop cheating, lazy!).

Why now?! …because I’m wiser? No, silly, because I realized that complicated is not necessarily more interesting (on the contrary) and “worthy” is like all things in life “in the eye of the reader”.  Still I am not doing this for you, reader; I am doing it for me.  HERE is all about the COOK and nothing else!

I intend to keep it minimal with more photos and less words and maybe someday, who knows, I’ll upgrade to videos. Ideally I should post a new recipe each day, but I you know, I might take the weekend off.

Expect to find  recipes that require from you only the ability to find ingredients in the pantry and to keep your hands away from flames/ hot surfaces (I still need to work on that!). Also as my daily patience is quite limited and I do not want to waste it all in one place, I don’t spend more than 30-40 minutes in the kitchen. Cook healthy, low on fat, tasty, from scratch and in 30 minutes? Yeap, you can actually do that and without cutting corners with processed food.

I just what to have fun and make some new friends!



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