watermelon & mint <3

    Hello, world! I don’t really have a recipe today, I just had to share my favorite drink/ juice in the summer time. I’ve always loved mint more than any other flavor and since we’ve moved I’ve been in the mint heaven. We’re renting a townhouse that comes with a small backyard full of…


Not a recipe, a smoothie!

    The best things in life are the simple things, right?   INGREDIENTS: handful spinach 2 celery sticks 1 ripe vine tomato¬† pinch of pink salt 1 cup cold water     All pureed in a blender and served immediately! ENJOY!  

Smoothie Reloaded

I’ve been juicing and smoothing a lot lately, that is one of the reason why I haven’t posted much these days. I love food, but to be honest I feel a lot more energized with this new diet I started. For this smoothie I used: sweet basil seeds soaked in cold water frozen organic strawberries…