French Toast My Style




My style means less butter and sugar.


You need:


3 eggs

3 whole wheat bread slices

a drop of rum

1 – 2 tbs brown sugar

pinch of salt

whole milk to soak the bread

1 tbs butter 




Beat the eggs together with the rum, sugar and salt.

Soak the bread in milk.




Then soak it well in the eggs.

Heat a frying pan on medium and add the butter.




Add the toast into the pan once the butter has melted.

Let fry for 4 minutes on each side (until golden).

I usually add some more egg on the toast when it’s in the pan…

’cause I just like it with more egg.




Make sure you flip the toast and fry it on both sides.




I’m all out of fruits, so I had my toast with honey.

You can add pecans, fruits or raisins on top of your toast.

Now that I think about it, I still have some blue cheese in the fridge…


Have a great Sunday and




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